Goodbye, Little Apple (a poem)

Goodbye, little apple, with your ridges so worn
Goodbye to your craters and edges
Goodbye to the blemished, the bruised, and the scorned
Goodbye to the old rotten benches

Goodbye to the pain that mars every step
Every bend, every sway, every turn
The flaming hot lava that runs through your neck
The catching, the clicking, the burn

You died long ago and I kept you alive
A zombie disguised by my skin
Breathing new life for the apple inside
Like a feather held up by the wind

But now you have given all you can give
Held together for all of these years
I’m grateful for ways that you’ve taught me to live
Mindful, with strength through the tears

Sleep now that I’m giving you back to the ether
And know that I’ll never forget
The way you loved stillness, soft pillows, and laughter
In quiet there is no regret

It’s time for me to move on now, and move
A new life strengthened by armor
Shiny, metallic, ceramic and smooth
The arrow placed by a skilled archer

I love you, as we have been one and the same
Somehow this has always been mine
Goodbye rotten apple, the match and the flame
In dreams we are walking and flying

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