A Shiny New Hip

Alright friends, I have to admit, I’ve been holding out on you. I’ve been keeping this bit of juicy gossip under my hat for some time now, but I really can’t keep a secret any longer. It’s time for me to share some big big big big news… I’m having a hip replacement! In less than three weeks!

I am excited. And a little freaked out. And a little stressed. And slightly in disbelief. But mainly, excited. Honestly, I’m just about as excited for my new hip as I am in this picture from the early 90’s with my new Game Boy:

Yes, most of my photos from childhood involve standing in front of Christmas trees.

I’m seeing an amazing surgeon in Boston. He quite literally wrote the book (lots and lots of books and research articles actually) on minimally invasive hip surgery. He has more experience and expertise working with younger patients, and also patients with Perthes, than your average orthopedic surgeon. He invented techniques that other surgeons are now replicating today. He’s pretty much a genius.

My mom has always told me that you have to be able to put your full trust into your doctor. If you don’t feel 100% comfortable putting your life in their hands, then find someone else. I can say for certain I trust this doctor completely. I had the opportunity to meet several of his other patients, including a woman in her 40’s who had both hips replaced by him; they were all completely enthusiastic about him and the amazing results they had after having their surgeries.

So, I’m going into this very hopeful. And while the whole thing is, admittedly, rather CRAY CRAY, I can say for sure that I know I’m ready. I’m so ready. It is time.

I’ll continue updating the blog as we get closer and closer to the big day. Wish me luck!

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